About Us

Sacred Heart Sr. Sec. School is an unaided Christian Minority Educational Institution. It was established in the year 1968. It is run by Seraphina Educational Society. The main aim of the Society is education of the youth especially poor and abandoned Children.

We believe in humanitarian path shown to us by our Heavenly Patrons St. Francis of Assisi, St. Clare and Venerable Mother Seraphina and all our efforts are directed towards inculcating the values that our saints professed. Their lives are an example before us, a light of virtues that has illuminated our way.

The task of the first manager of Sacred Heart Chandigarh was handed over to Rev Sr. Veronica, an Italian missionary, in Dec 1967. Rev Sr. Veronica who was also the first principal of the school led the school through all the teething problems and gave it a strong foundation. Sr. Lucy is the present manager of the school.

It is because of the resilient leadership and the indefatigable spirit of all the managers and Principals of the school till date that Sacred Heart stands firm today. Sr. Arti is holding the office of Principal at present and it is under her strong and able leadership that Sacred Heart is sailing smoothly towards its goals.

The school has a faculty of highly qualified and experienced teaching staff. With their commitment and sincerity they guide the students towards a wholesome future as good citizens of the society. Be it academics or sports or any other extracurricular activity, the students of Sacred Heart shine in their performance because they have as their mentors and guides some of the finest teachers to hold their hands and lead them, on the righteous and successful path and it is no wonder that Sacred Heart today is one of the most prestigious educational institutions of the region.

The infrastructure of the school and facilities offered to the students are conducive to an overall development that helps the students to sharpen their faculties, explore their potential, sharpen their communication skills and refine artistic potential through a myriad of activities.