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Pocket Video: Say Yes to Life No to Drugs: Prahari Club
Event Date: 24-Jun-2022
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Total Video(s): 1
Description: Awareness is never enough because it makes us and ...
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  • Prevention of Drug Abuse. Nashe se...
    Event Date: 21-Jun-2022
    Updated On: 21-Jun-2022
    Total Video(s): 1
    Description: On account of “International Day Against Drug Abus...
  • Heartian Speaks
    Event Date: 05-Jun-2022
    Updated On: 05-Jun-2022
    Total Video(s): 1
    Description: On behalf of all the Heartians, Dhruvika Dheer of ...
  • Anti Tobacco Awareness Campaign!...
    Event Date: 31-May-2022
    Updated On: 31-May-2022
    Total Video(s): 1
    Description: World No Tobacco Day! 31st May 2022...
  • Play on Water Conservation
    Event Date: 25-Feb-2022
    Updated On: 25-Feb-2022
    Total Video(s): 1
    Description: A play highlighting the importance of water conser...
  • Play on Energy Conservation
    Event Date: 24-Feb-2022
    Updated On: 24-Feb-2022
    Total Video(s): 2
    Description: A play enacted by members of Science Club....
  • Van Mahotsav
    Event Date: 07-Jul-2021
    Updated On: 07-Jul-2021
    Total Video(s): 1
    Description: Van Mahotsav is a week long celebration across Ind...
  • World Environment Day
    Event Date: 05-Jun-2021
    Updated On: 05-Jun-2021
    Total Video(s): 2
    Description: World Environment day (5th June,2021) World Env...
  • International Bio-Diversity Day
    Event Date: 22-May-2021
    Updated On: 22-May-2021
    Total Video(s): 1
    Description: International Bio-Diversity Day, 22nd May, 2021 Al...
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