Principal's Message

"Education is the greatest gift you can give to a child; it is the foundation upon which they build their future." - Ven. Mother Seraphina

As we stand on the threshold of the new academic session 2024-'25, I am filled with a profound sense of optimism and excitement for the journey that awaits us. Reflecting on the previous academic year, I feel immense pride and gratitude for the myriad achievements and milestones that our school community has accomplished together. From the exhilarating array of competitions held both within our school and on the broader stage of inter-school competitions, to the awe-inspiring annual production of "Veerangana,” our students showcased their talents and dedication with unmatched fervor. In the realm of sports, our students distinguished themselves at both national and international levels, bringing home accolades and glory. Let us carry forward the lessons learned and the successes celebrated. I am confident that this year will be no exception. The accomplishments received by our school has not only enriched the glory of the school but has also inspired us to work with greater dedication and enthusiasm.

We at Sacred Heart are committed to provide a nurturing and supportive environment where every student can thrive academically, socially, and emotionally. We believe in the power of education to transform lives, and we are here to guide and inspire each student on their unique path to success.We embrace diversity, foster creativity, and cultivate a culture of respect, empathy, and collaboration. Our Mentors encourage students to explore their passions, challenge themselves, and embrace new opportunities for growth and learning.

It is with humility and gratitude that we recognize the hand of the Almighty in our journey, bestowing upon us the strength and resilience to overcome obstacles and soar to new heights. My heartfelt gratitude to our dear parents for their unwavering support and playing a significant role in the story of Sacred Heart. As we navigate the challenges and opportunities of the coming year, let us remember that every challenge is an opportunity, and every achievement a testament to our collective dedication. Let's make this session a memorable one filled with discovery, perseverance, and success.

Let us entrust ourselves in the loving providence of Sacred Heart of Jesus. May Ven. Mother Seraphina, our Foundress be our inspiration to fulfil the mission of touching lives through education.

Here's to a rewarding and enriching academic year ahead! May God bless us all.

Regy Joseph (Sr. Arti)